Green Education

GBT thinks that green education can bring a tremendous change in the social approach to the environment consciousness. That is why it has targeted very young pupil from the primary schools; GBT is running a project” Green education in Primary school”. This will spread basic concept of environment awareness about water preservation, waste management, Biodiversity conservation among the primary students.


Green and Clean Campus Program

GBT’s another current program is “green Campus”, almost two hundred green volunteers are involved in this project. Already it has arranged several programs in Dhaka University campus as well as dormitories. Gradually it will arrange programs in other public and private universities.



GBT cherishes  green transportation because it is carbon free , good for health and it a great leap forward for solving the huge problem of public transportation

GBT’s another concern is to promote green taxation in specific areas, it is arranging seminars, round table for that and currently GBT is doing research about green taxation.



GBT has arranged several Tree plantation programs in Dhaka University Campus area, now it has been planning to spread the program in other campuses throughout the country.



Health is a basic right for all human being, ensuring the health of all the citizen is the primary responsibility for a state. However, non-government and voluntary organization can make huge impact and effort to ensure that Green Belt Trust has been working hard to help the cause. GBT has organized medical campaign and camps for the extremely poor people free of cost. We have organized some campaigns basically in Dhaka and some outside Dhaka. Our volunteers made campaigns for the program, we had some doctors who treated the patients free of cost.