About Us


green_belt_ttrust_donate_sliderGreen Belt Trust was launched on 2007 at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and since then It is an independent, non-profit, non- partisan volunteer organization, It was established as a trust through Bangladesh Government Trust Act. From the very beginning GBT has been functional to accomplish the tasks to reach certain goals. TO fulfill those the organization has been arranging rally, Human chain, demonstration, seminar, workshop to create awareness for conservation of environment like Green Education, Green Transportation, Water preservation, waste management, Biodiversity conservation and Green Taxation. Besides it tries to take necessary steps and execute policies for Youth leadership, Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Development. These have been identified as productive and sustainable ways to achieve the national and organizational goals. Climate change is another main concern for GBT. As Bangladesh is a disaster prone country GBT is always concern about disaster management from the very beginning. GBT works with disaster awareness and preparedness program.


Our motto is Green environment, youth empowerment and sustainable development which promote livable world and universal peace.

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